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BREAKING NEWS – Industry speculation rife after rumoured photo of promotional industry hero.

Preseli is reeling from the discovery of an earth shattering image that seems, on the face of it, to verify  that the promotional industry’s most famous and beloved comic strip superhero has made an appearance right here in the UK.




Specialist experts in the field of digital photography and image manipulation are divided in their views as to whether the photograph is genuine. The world renowned Dr Bull S Hitter was heard saying, ‘This remarkable photograph has all the indications of being genuine and yet I cannot, in my professional opinion, allow this one fairly insignificant piece of evidence persuade me to categorically verify the existence of this so called ’Promoman’ when the scientific evidence has always pointed to the likely truth that this character was and is the simple, childish and unremarkable imaginings of David Wilson and Mark Lumb’.


After much speculation of our hero’s possible presence in our midst, following numerous reported but unverified sightings, this reflected image is the first photographic evidence that might - I repeat, might - just show the elusive master of all things promotional is actually real. 


What is the truth? Is it a hoax?  Will there be more sightings?


We will be hoping to contact David Wilson and Mark Lumb in the near future to garner their opinion and views on the sightings and the quote of Dr Bull S Hitter.  As a result of this breaking news the industry is on tenterhooks, like never before, as the PPE show rapidly approaches.  Feeding the excitement is some recent whispers being passed about of a possible appearance of our beloved hero at the show.


Check out the Preseli twitter feed and Facebook page for the latest updates on this rapidly unfolding story.

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