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Preseli Artwork Requirements

In order to help us process your order and send you a proof for approval as quickly as possible, please refer to the checklist below regarding Preseli’s preferred artwork requirements. You can read it below or download a PDF version by clicking here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  1. Ideal file types: We prefer artwork as Adobe Illustrator (AI) files; EPS files or PDFs, these are the easiest to work with. All artwork should be supplied in vector graphics format, with any text converted into curves / outlines. 

  2. Acceptable file types: If you cannot supply your artwork in one of the above file types, then we can also accept Photoshop (PSD) files, JPEG files and TIFF files providing the image resolution of these is of sufficient standard (see point 4 below). 

  3. Other file types: If it can be avoided, please do not send web graphics (PNG or GIF files) – the image resolution on these can be very low. We cannot accept Corel Draw / Corel Paint files, or any other files from design software not compatible with Adobe’s suite of design software. If you are using a different type of design software, it must be able to save files as PDFs. Artwork saved as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher etc. all present significant problems and are likely to be rejected. 
  1. Minimum image resolution: For any artwork supplied as a PSD, JPEG or TIFF file; or anything that isn’t fully editable, vector format graphics, we require a minimum image resolution of 250dpi at the size that it is going to be applied to the product. Lower than that, and the finished print quality may be affected. 
  1. Print colours: Please ensure that you supply us with all the print colours we will need for your order. For spot colour printing, we can only work from Pantone’s Standard Solid Coated Colour guide, so please ensure your artwork confirms to this model. Artwork supplied in any other model (RGB, CMYK, Hexadecimal, uncoated Pantone etc.) will be converted to the closest matching standard solid coated Pantone colour. This may cause a slight change in colour and should be considered carefully before you sign the approval.

    Tints, shades & gradient fills: Generally, we cannot replicate these in spot colour printing. Tints of a specific pantone, for example 50% red PMS 185, would have to be converted into an equivalent 100% solid standard pantone. Again, this may cause a change in the colour. 
  1. Full colour printing: Preseli products that can be full colour printed use the CMYK colour model. On certain items (dye sublimation printed lanyards, microfibre cleaning cloths for instance) if colour matching is critical, then we may require you to supply Pantone references. This gives our manufacturers a clear colour for comparison and ensures the closest match possible using the CMYK print process. 
  1. Linked vs embedded artwork: When supplying artwork in the AI, EPS or PDF file formats, please do not link any elements of the design. The linked elements will be missing when we come to prepare the artwork for proofing, and this will impede the progress of your order. Please ask your designers to embed all artwork elements. 

If you have any additional questions then please contact our artwork department on 01352 730006.