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Dave & Justin Running Chester Half Marathon

Dave Wilson (M.D.) and Justin Jones (Office Manager) are going to be running the Chester Half Marathon on 17th May 2015, to raise money for the charity Tree of Hope, because they want to help Ava Evans to get her walking wish.  3 year old Ava was born with a condition that means that, unless she can travel to the US for a life-changing operation, she will never walk.


Dave has been somewhat busy over the last few months and his training schedule only got off the ground just a few days ago! Unfortunately for Dave, on his first day of training the weather decided to test his resolve and hailstones fell as he began his running.


Well, who knows what the weather will be like on the 17th May?  Probably best to learn to push through even on the bad days.  "No pain, no gain", or so they say, but Dave prefers the more simple "no pain".


Keep up with the training, Dave and Justin. As you train and run the half marathon, the rest of the Preseli team will be cheering you on from the warmth and comfort of our nice warm homes!


Dave and Justin want to do their bit to support the efforts already being made, by Ava's family and friends, to raise the £80,000 required to fund the operation. Please consider sponsoring Dave and Justin as they drag their somewhat unfit bodies 13.1 miles along the Chester half marathon route. To find out more and to donate, please click on the picture below:

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