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Attempting to break the pen World Record

Preseli has recently given a number of pens to Kloè (aged 6) and Kieran (aged 10) who are attempting to break the world record for the most ball-point pens in a collection. At the moment, the world record holder for the most ball-point pens in a collection is Angelika Unverhau from Germany who has a collection of 285,150 ball-point pens from 148 different countries. As of the 2nd July, Kloe and Kieran have 2,522 ball-point pens and hope to collect many more in a couple of weeks when summer begins and they visit many more places!


Kloè and Kieran have been using social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter, to keep people up to date on how many pens they have received and celebrating the milestones that they have reached, such as 250 pens, 500 pens etc. They have received pens from various events, shops and businesses. Businesses such as Waitrose, Virgin holidays, Scot Rail, members of their family and many friends have given as many pens as they can. They have collected ball-point pens from 30 different places, including England and Wales and all the way from America and Thailand!


David Wilson, Managing Director at Preseli said: “I think that Kloè and Kieran are showing that they have ambition and determination in a very fun and exciting way. We were very intrigued when we were contacted by Kloè and Kieran and when we found out why they wanted our pens, we happily gave some off our pens to help them break the world record. We wish them the best of luck and hope that their number of pens keeps increasing!”


To find out more about Kloè and Kieran’s world record attempt, you can visit their Facebook page at or their Twitter at and you can see where they are up to.


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